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Telecommunications Equipment Repair and Test Services

Telecommunications Equipment Repair and Test Services

Digital Radio Components

If you need to have your existing analog and digital radio components serviced, JTE is the company to call. We provide excellent telecommunications equipment repair and test services to ensure that your units are working properly. Our team specializes in older equipment that has been discontinued and is no longer supported by the manufacturer, including:


Frequency West

Harris Farinon

Magnum Microwave

Rockwell International/Collins Radio


Supported systems include:

DLT and DTR 2000

DMX-2003 and DMX-3003



Plus Many Others

MDR-2000, MDR-3000, MDR-4000, MDR-5000, and MDR-6000 Series Radios

Sub-system components are upgraded and aligned per original manufacturer and/or customer specifications. Supported modules include:

Down Converters

Frequency Sources/Oscillators

Low-Noise Amplifiers


Power Amplifiers

Power Supplies

RF/IF Filters

JTE has a large inventory of replacement parts for installation and retrofit at our facility. We also offer a wide selection of surplus equipment that is continually updated on our Surplus Equipment page. Please see our complete list of current repair offerings.

Contact a sales representative at (972) 578-9083 for a competitive repair quote on your equipment. You may also send us an email to request a quote.