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Repair and Test Services

JT Electronics provides repair and test services for existing analog and digital telecommunications radio components, specializing in the service of older equipment which has been discontinued and is no longer supported by the manufacturer, including:

  • Rockwell International/ Collins Radio
  • Alcatel
  • Telettra
  • Harris Farinon
  • Frequency West
  • Magnum Microwave

Supported systems include:

  • MDR-2000, MDR-3000, MDR-4000,
    MDR-5000, and MDR-6000 series radios
  • MVR-1212
  • DST-2000
  • DMX-2003 and DMX-3003
  • DLT/DTR 2000                                                          64 QAM Digital Radio Test Rack

        Plus many others.

Sub-system components are up-graded and aligned per original manufacturer and/or customer specifications. Supported modules include:

  • Down Converters
  • Frequency Sources / Oscillators
  • Power Amplifiers
  • Low Noise Amplifiers
  • RF / IF Filters
  • Modulators / Demodulators
  • Power Supplies

A large inventory of replacement parts are available for installation and retrofit at our facility. In addition, an inventory of surplus equipment is also available for sale. These items are continually updated on our Surplus Equipment page. Please see our repair list for a sampling of our current repair offerings.

Please contact a sales representative at (972)578-9083 for a competitive repair quote on your equipment. RFQ's may also be submitted to sales@jtelectronics.com.



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