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EHF Down Converter

Part Number: 753-5999-001 Rev A

JT Electronics produces a series of subharmonically pumped down converters which extend up to 26 GHz. The linked photo display is a K band down converter with it's associated antenna and baseband circuitry. Typical operating features of the displayed model are as follows:

        R.F. Frequency range: K band
        Noise Figure (less LNA): 14 dB
        Conversion gain: 10 dB
        Image rejection: 20 dB
        I.F. Frequency: 1500 MHz
        I.F. Bandwidth (3 db): 500 MHz
        L.O. multiplier: x2 or x8 (optional)
        Input power: +5.0 volts @ 70 mA.


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