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21 GHz Receiver
2.75 - 11 GHz Frequency Multiplier

JTE offers custom circuit design and hardware from system concepts or specifications, covering applications from baseband to 26 GHz. These include active and passive mixers, filters, frequency synthesizers, modulators and demodulators, RF amplifiers, and switches.

The physical circuitry is composed of lumped or distributed elements via microstrip, stripline, or coplanar waveguide topologies, depending on the cost trade-offs, packaging, and performance. The circuit board material or substrates used range from aluminum oxide or alumina-impregnated material to Teflon fiberglass and FR4 type epoxy resins.

We approach customer specifications in the ideal case via CAD analysis using our extensive experience. Next, we factor into the overall design the realities of packaging effects, ground loops, cross talk, component tolerances, and component layout. Our team resolves many of these issues in the engineering breadboard model, whereby the package and interconnects become part of the RF circuit at the higher frequencies.

Discrete components are of the surface mount or chip variety, mounted with a conventional wave or hand soldering techniques for conventional boards, or eutectic solder or epoxy attachment for hybrid assemblies. Hybrid, chip, and wire interconnects are accomplished using gold wire, thermal compression bonding.

Thermal effects related to active and passive device junction temperatures, in turn, are modeled based on manufacturer component specifications. Once accomplished, environmental issues, such as temperature, humidity, shock, vibration, and electrostatic discharge, are integrated into the final package as related to the candidate devices chosen and their destined environment.

In conclusion, JTE provides timely, highly reliable solutions to your circuitry and packaging requirements by utilizing years of hands-on experience, state-of-the-art devices, and the latest software. To receive thorough analysis and request a price and delivery quote of your requirements, please contact us today.